History and Closure

DASA was an association from 2013 to 2016 representing the interests of the Drupal community in South Africa.

About Drupal Association South Africa


Drupal Association South Africa (DASA) is a non-profit organisation established for the public benefit objective to foster and support the Drupal project, the community and its growth in South Africa.

NPO Registration: 158-394 NPO


DASA is committed to the Drupal Software Project in South Africa, developing an open, transparent and voluntary campaign to promote crusade, support and nurture the local Drupal Community.


Within the next five years, DASA will maintain and support vigorous and growing Drupal Communities in the major centres. DASA will have developed and cultivated a desire within Business, Government and Institutions of Learning for knowledge of the superior functionality and security features in Drupal. Five years thereafter, DASA will host the first DrupalCon on the African continent.